The Summer 07 ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop will be held in Batavia, Illinois starting Sunday, July 15 and ending Thursday, July 19. (Note that other/related meetings may be held prior to and beyond these dates - see below for details.). Fermilab is the host and all on-campus meetings will take place on the Fermilab premises.

The registration fee for the Joint Techs workshop is $250. There is a separate $150 registration fee for ESCC.  The Joint Techs registration fee increases to $325 after 5:00pm EDT on Friday June 29, 2007 (see Conference Fee link below for full details).

On-campus meetings will take place in Wilson Hall on the Fermilab premises.

The Summer2007 Joint Techs will focus on Hybrid Networking, Campus Networking, Security and Measurement/Performance; click here for more information on these areas of focus. Proposals on other topics are also welcome.

Hilton Hotel is now sold out. Please refer to Housing for alternative hotels.

The deadline for reserving your hotel room at the discounted rate is Friday June 22, 2007.
The Lodging Block is now closed. Room rates are now subject to availability - best rate will be given at time of enquiry.

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Joint Techs

If you would like to give a presentation or tutorial, or organize a BoF, Vendor Soup or side meeting, please fill out this
web form . If you have questions, please contact either of the co-chairs W. Scott Bradley, or Russ Hobby.

Lightning Talks will again be welcomed.  A Lightning Talk is a very short (no more than 5 minutes) talk on a topic of your choice - anything interesting or timely, or even a bit off the wall.  Submissions will be solicited during the workshop.

* Joint Techs Workshop,
Sunday, July 15 (PM) – Wednesday, July 18
* ESCC Meeting, Wednesday, July 18 (PM) – Thursday, July 19

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